Innocenter is an innovation firm that helps clients set innovative goals - and achieve them. Our Balanced Innovation Concept (BIC) speeds up the entire process, from challenging idea to solution implementation.

Social Business - Next Generation
Another area in which we specialize is developing management competence and providing generic tools for managing innovative processes. As a result, our clients themselves become capable of creating successful solutions - every time!



Young people not interested...
Young people in Denmark don't want to be fishermen. They would rather work onshore. And as government subsidies depend on the number of students, this threatens the existence of several colleges.

Unique business concept
Eight maritime colleges in northern Denmark now take part in the Scandinavian Maritime Training Center, providing precisely the courses required by ship owners.

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Improving added value
Karen, who works in a hospital kitchen, no longer needs to peel potatoes every day. But it would be even better if Flensted products were associated with a totally sustainable experience.

A better experience
Flensted has been on the market for 45 years and is a trendsetter in every respect. Now the time has come to outstrip competitors using concepts which provide exceptional added value.

New business concept (Flensted)

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Globalization has been part of international business for many years. It requires that companies are organized in new ways. New types of business relations become para-mount. Relations that provide the necessary knowledge, flexibility and win-win effects.

Strategy development
We can help, irrespective of whether you want us to create a new sales and marketing strategy or simply to solve a here-and-now crisis. Complex strategic projects are also a specialty.

Business development
Many companies are making no profits at present. Business is slack. Innocenter is helping some of these companies to turn their business around and increase profits.

Social Business
Some of our clients have asked whether they too could benefit from the process model we often use. And the answer is yes, because it ensures them a steady stream of innovative products, concepts and successful solutions.

Naturally, Innocenter provides clients with customized solutions. But our starting point is often our own, specially developed generic model. It ensures maximum freedom for creative thinking while simultaneously controlling the entire development process.

Generic with respect to degree of innovation
So far, the process model has been used in 65 very different kinds of innovation projects. Some small and simple, with a low degree of innovation. Others large and sweeping with highly complex remits.

Rapid Prototyping
Among other things, the model contains an ultimate prototype model, which is also generic. The prototypes presented for the participants thus ensure that development schedules are reduced from months to days.

But can we really systematize innovation?
Innovation is not simply technology; it's also a question of managing lots of people. Over the last 10 years, Innocenter has focused largely on a single model, configuring it for individual tasks. The concept is scalable and immensely suitable for, for example:

Social Business
The future has arrived. It's called "Social Business". The concept allows you to decide for yourself how open or closed the process should be, i.e. how many external experts are called in.

Collaborative Innovation - Web 2.0…
Two people can usually solve a problem. But if you ask 100 competent people what they think about an innovative idea, the chance of hitting the bull's-eye with your solution will be very much greater.

Platform for your synergy products
Mixing in-house know-how with external expertise in an Open Innovation Forum produces sublime solutions. Such clients deserve tools capable of rationally uniting the collective intelligence present in projects.

Erik Johnsen
Owner, Founder & CEO

"Why do innovation projects have such low success rates?" – that was the first thought behind Innocenter. "Systematization must be possible" was Erik Johnsen's next thought. Thoughts that formed the corner stone of the company, established in 1999, and of the business concept:

Balanced Innovation Concept (BIC)
The key to successful innovation is balance. Balance between the risk of the factors involved in the innovation process and the opportunities they can provide.

We create valuable results for our clients and partners through high-success-rate development which is faster and cheaper than "Best Practice". To retain simplicity, to delight and to constantly seek the sublime.

Strong synergy
Innocenter cooperates with a large number of companies, private individuals and networks. Cooperation that results in strong synergy.

Balanced Innovation (published by BØRSEN Management Handbooks)

With 12 years' experience and about 65 completed innovation projects, we have a proven success rate double than average.

Successful results
One of the secrets behind our high success rate is that the concept in reality ensures a perfect balance between Risks and Opportunities. The speed at which results are achieved is due to Innocenter's generic prototype model.

If you have a strategic problem which needs solving or would like to start up a new Open Innovation project, you will find inspiration here. To help you make progress, we have gathered a number of video and Web links concerned with Open Innovation:

Social Business - Theory
· Henry Chesbrough - Basics of Open Innovation
· Innovation at Procter & Gamle by A.G. Lafley
· Philips Innovation Services - next level...
· InnovationTools by Chuck Frey
· 15inno by Stefan Lindegaard

Social Business - platforms
· An excellent source of 100 open innovatin case histories
· InnoCentive – meeting place – matchmaker
· NineSigma - meeting place - matchmaker

Where's the world heading – innovatively?
· The European Innovation Conference
  March 2011 in Denmark

· CoDev in California, February 2011
  Interview with Cheryl Perkins

· TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2012
· Braden Kelley's Innovation Blog

Innocenter specializes in an area of rapid growth. If, as a future employee, you would like to join us in this exciting and personally challenging universe, please send us an email. Or call and talk to Erik Johnsen.

Profitable innovation
Or if, as a future client, you would like to draw on Innocenter's extensive experience in redesigning business strategies to make them much more profitable than they are today.

Business cooperaton
Or if you would like Innocenter to help you speed up the profitability of your business ideas. You can contact us by calling +45 7640 1100 or by sending an email to Erik Johnsen.

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Social Business is generating your next success...

Innocenter shows how it is possible to have an innovation concept with a success rate - 2 x better than average.